Happy belated Thanksgiving. Whew! you know that we celebrated and gave thanks… for all the tasty wine and feel good vibes, along with the other fabulous blessings that I have like you reading this, my family, friends, health, wealth, etc.

Yes, I had a great Thanksgiving spending it with family and friends over my house. It got pretty crazy though. With wine and alcohol all over my windows, I still have yet to find some window cleaners to service them (Yep, that CRAZY!).

Now, we have Christmas to look forward to, and that I do look forward to. I want to share with you a special wine drink that I traditionally make every year for my family. It’s a warm wine drink that’s perfect for the winter.

Mulled wine, a yummy spiced wine concoction for wine lovers like me or to enjoy with the casual drinker. Here’s a great recipe for it by Ina Garten:

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