Do Different Types Of Alcohols Give You Different Buzzes?

This is a pretty controversial topic matter. If you search online to get the answer you’ll find an equal amount of arguments for both sides.

So, I guess I’ll put in my own opinion so that you can weigh out the argument and come to your own conclusion.

No, drinking different alcohols give you different buzzes. The real question is why does it seemingly feel that way.

My love, wine, gives me a seemingly very relaxing buzz. That’s why I love it so much. The buzz is seemingly different from if I were to drink beer, which I won’t feel relaxed much. Drinking mixed drinks makes me feel hyped. And after a while I get “punchy”, or very aggressive.

So, the question is why. Why do different alcohols give you a seemingly different buzz? Now, I’m not talking about how different alcohols affect your hangover feeling the next day, I’m just speaking of the actual buzz. Although, I think the alcoholic drink’s glycerin levels are the factor that affects your hangover or lack there of.

Alcohol is alcohol. When drinking any alcoholic beverage you’re drinking ethanol. The difference between the various types of alcohol is the amount of alcohol (ethanol) each drink per “standard” serving has.

Alcohol Is Alcohol...

So, drinking ethanol, by itself, will give you the same feeling no matter what. It’s just that drinks that contain higher proofs of alcohol will get you to that feeling faster. This makes sense to me because if I drink beer, I’ll eventually feel the same way 5+ standard bottles in, compared to if I were to drink 2 glasses of wine. I would feel very relaxed and feel that I am able to take over the world. It’s because of the amount of alcohol each drink contains. And because of this, it creates a psychological factor and bias between different alcoholic drinks giving different buzz feelings.

Now, that’s just alcohol by itself, ethanol at its most basic form. What happens when you mix the alcoholic beverages with mixers? This, in my opinion, creates the whole world of difference in the buzz adventures.

People mix alcohol with various types of mixers containing sugars, caffeines, chemicals, etc. I believe that whatever you drink your alcohol with will determine your buzz. I’m not sure what happens to the body when you do, but if you really think about it, drinking alcohol with sugary and caffeinated mixers and drinks will definitely have different effects. Which makes sense in my case of having aggressive feelings while drinking mixed drinks. The sugar rush and caffeine boost is enhanced with the alcohol and therefore making me feel like superman!

The way the alcohol is created will probably make a difference in buzzes as well. I believe it has to do with how the alcohols are made and from what the alcohol is derived from. Again, different items that are fermented to make alcohol contains various sugar levels and ingredients causing slightly different buzzes.

So there you go, my opinion to the argument of “Does drinking different alcohols give you different buzzes“. Hmm, maybe studies of, “Does drinking wine make you smarter?”, should be done. If so, I’ll be the “lab rat” for that one. Let me know!