Life is like boxed wine, there will always be haters!

When wine connoisseurs or “experts” say a wine is crappy, everyone takes their word for it and the particular wine is deemed crappy by the masses. Drinking boxed wine is frowned upon by most experts, and therefore there are people who hate on box wine without ever trying them. If you think about it, this is pretty silly isn’t it?

As for life itself, if a you are very passionate about something, say writing. And your college professor tell you you will never be a writer, what do you do? For most people in this type of situation, they would believe the professor and never will pursue writing. They likely would end up pursuing a career in something that they have no interest or passion in. Sometimes that career is even chosen for them by others like their parents perhaps or teachers. And they’ll just go with it. From the outside looking in, isn’t this type of decision making silly?

But that’s a part of many people’s decision making life. To follow “authority” and the crowd rather than making their own decisions.

As for me, if I try a boxed wine and I like it, there isn’t anyone who is going to tell me otherwise. No sommelier will be able to change my opinion about something I think is good. If the sommelier tells me my Menage a Trois taste like crap, hell with him/her! I’ll drink what I like to drink. I’ll form my own opinions rather than taking some “expert’s” word for it. I’ll do my due diligence first, before believing.

It happens every time, even subliminally. What do you think those wine ratings are?

If you like the boxed wine, drink the boxed wine and enjoy it! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If they try to deter you beforehand, understand that you have the power to find out for yourself…and find out!