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Month: May 2016

Wine Buzz Versus...

Wine Buzz Versus…

Do Different Types Of Alcohols Give You Different Buzzes?

This is a pretty controversial topic matter. If you search online to get the answer you’ll find an equal amount of arguments for both sides.

So, I guess I’ll put in my own opinion so that you can weigh out the argument and come to your own conclusion.

No, drinking different alcohols give you different buzzes. The real question is why does it seemingly feel that way.

My love, wine, gives me a seemingly very relaxing buzz. That’s why I love it so much. The buzz is seemingly different from if I were to drink beer, which I won’t feel relaxed much. Drinking mixed drinks makes me feel hyped. And after a while I get “punchy”, or very aggressive.

So, the question is why. Why do different alcohols give you a seemingly different buzz? Now, I’m not talking about how different alcohols affect your hangover feeling the next day, I’m just speaking of the actual buzz. Although, I think the alcoholic drink’s glycerin levels are the factor that affects your hangover or lack there of.

Alcohol is alcohol. When drinking any alcoholic beverage

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Life Flows Like Boxed Wine

Life Flows Like Boxed Wine

Life is like boxed wine, there will always be haters!

When wine connoisseurs or “experts” say a wine is crappy, everyone takes their word for it and the particular wine is deemed crappy by the masses. Drinking boxed wine is frowned upon by most experts, and therefore there are people who hate on box wine without ever trying them. If you think about it, this is pretty silly isn’t it?

As for life itself

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