The Most Amazing App To Use Before You Get Blurry-Eyed

I don’t usually do app reviews – mobile apps that is. But once I discovered this wine app, OMG, no more guessing about which wines to buy! No more judging wines by the way their sleek bottle looks because looks are very deceiving with wine bottles. Sometimes a bottle catches your eyes, you take it home, and before you’re drunk and tipsy, she reveals what’s under all that makeup! “NOOOOO! I’m not even drunk yet!”

Those days are pretty much over. No more regrets. No more waking up the next day and WHOA! Not with the Vivino wine scanner app that let’s you find out what’s really under all that makeup. You can even find out a little bit about her personalities too!

Vivian Wine App Review

Vivino is available for both iOS and Windows based mobile devices. It allows you to scan any wine bottle with your device’s camera and the app will pull up information about the wine, average selling price, and crowdsourced ratings and reviews! Like I said, no more after purchase regrets – well at least lower your risk of regretting your purchase.

It’s an excellent app that works pretty smooth (like how I like my wine) with it’s wine recognition technology. Select the “scanner” mode on the app, point, shoot, and preview the wine. It’s as simple as that.

Vivino also has other features. You can build your personal virtual wine cellar for future reference of your favorite wines, review wines that you’ve tried, and there’s even a marketplace area to seek those fine wines that you can’t find locally.

Vivino Wine App: The Best Damn Wine App!

Have a your own physical wine collection? Want to see how your wine currently appraises against the market? You can use this app to appraise your collection.

Pretty impressive for a free app huh? Well, I think so. If you don’t, I don’t really care at this point because my eyes are getting blurry-eyed and I’m feeling good. And damn right I bought this bottle of 2006 Palmeyer using my trusty Vivino app. So, you know I’m enjoying it and I’m going to sleep good tonight!

Check it out, the Vivino app for your Apple or Windows based phones.