My Most Favorite Wine And Why It Should Be Yours As Well

The Menage A Trois original red blend wine is by far my most favorite wine, hands down! I could buy them by the tow truck load if I could. Hmm, maybe I will. So the hell with you and your $200 bottles of Decoy. I’m fine with my $9.85 (at Walmart) bottle of Menage.

Now I’m not associated with the Folie A Deux Winery so I’m not trying to make a profit here. It’s just my good ol’ opinion. Anyway, the Menage A Trois is one of the most balanced wines that I’ve had so far. I’ve tried to find a comparable bottle but am so far let down or stood up so I just dump the bastards.

The Menage perfectly blends Zinfandel, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon to create a party in your mouth. Smooth, silky, and the perfect level of tannin – which isn’t that much. It just rolls off the tongue and slips itself through the back of the throat. Mmm… Wait what was I talking about again… Oh yea, it’s a perfect blend with a slight sweetness. Yummy! In fact, after a couple of glasses in, the Menage begins to taste really sweet.

You should get to know the wine, like it, and use it. I got several of my friends hooked on red wine with me with this wine. Hey, it lives up to its name!

Here’s how I rape them. My friends usually would drink the sweets, Moscato, Sangria, etc. I would wait until they’re in a couple of glasses and feel all tipsy. When I notice that they’re empty, I make them a glass/cup (that’s right cup) of Menage and slip them one. They would not even notice until the next day when I tell them. Boom hooked. And it usually grows on them! Now we’re sipping on nothing but reds.

At times I’m adventurous and will try new things, but I always end up going back to having my threesome.

If you know of anything that compares to the Menage, let me know! I’m bi-curious so I’m willing to try…