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Mulled Wine Recipe

The Perfect Wine Drink For The Holidays


Happy belated Thanksgiving. Whew! you know that we celebrated and gave thanks… for all the tasty wine and feel good vibes, along with the other fabulous blessings that I have like you reading this, my family, friends, health, wealth, etc.

Yes, I had a great Thanksgiving spending it with family and friends over my house. It got pretty crazy though. With wine and alcohol all over my windows, I still have yet to find some window cleaners to service them (Yep, that CRAZY!).

Now, we have Christmas to look forward to, and that I do look forward to. I want to share with you a special wine drink that I traditionally make every year for my family. It’s a warm wine drink that’s perfect for the winter.

Mulled wine, a yummy spiced wine concoction for wine lovers like me or to enjoy with the casual drinker. Here’s a great recipe for it by Ina Garten:

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It's A Franzia In My Mouth

It’s A Franzia In My Mouth

A little house cleaning, perhaps wine spotted carpet cleaning, for you folks, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Yes, I haven’t overdosed on my bottles of Menage a Trois, I’ve just been super busy with great opportunities that have arisen. I’ll let you in on that in the near future.

But anyway, wine is still a great passion of mine. In fact, wine has been getting me through this busy time of my life. It helps me relax and aids my sleep. I know, that may sound like an alcoholic. But think what you want, I still love my wine.

That brings me to what I really wanted to share with you. I want to introduce you to

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Wine Buzz Versus...

Wine Buzz Versus…

Do Different Types Of Alcohols Give You Different Buzzes?

This is a pretty controversial topic matter. If you search online to get the answer you’ll find an equal amount of arguments for both sides.

So, I guess I’ll put in my own opinion so that you can weigh out the argument and come to your own conclusion.

No, drinking different alcohols give you different buzzes. The real question is why does it seemingly feel that way.

My love, wine, gives me a seemingly very relaxing buzz. That’s why I love it so much. The buzz is seemingly different from if I were to drink beer, which I won’t feel relaxed much. Drinking mixed drinks makes me feel hyped. And after a while I get “punchy”, or very aggressive.

So, the question is why. Why do different alcohols give you a seemingly different buzz? Now, I’m not talking about how different alcohols affect your hangover feeling the next day, I’m just speaking of the actual buzz. Although, I think the alcoholic drink’s glycerin levels are the factor that affects your hangover or lack there of.

Alcohol is alcohol. When drinking any alcoholic beverage

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Life Flows Like Boxed Wine

Life Flows Like Boxed Wine

Life is like boxed wine, there will always be haters!

When wine connoisseurs or “experts” say a wine is crappy, everyone takes their word for it and the particular wine is deemed crappy by the masses. Drinking boxed wine is frowned upon by most experts, and therefore there are people who hate on box wine without ever trying them. If you think about it, this is pretty silly isn’t it?

As for life itself

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3's A Crowd In My Mouth

3’s A Crowd In My Mouth

My Most Favorite Wine And Why It Should Be Yours As Well

The Menage A Trois original red blend wine is by far my most favorite wine, hands down! I could buy them by the tow truck load if I could. Hmm, maybe I will. So the hell with you and your $200 bottles of Decoy. I’m fine with my $9.85 (at Walmart) bottle of Menage.

Now I’m not associated with the Folie A Deux Winery so I’m not trying to make a profit here. It’s just my good ol’ opinion. Anyway, the Menage A Trois is one of the most balanced wines that I’ve had so far. I’ve tried to find a comparable bottle but am so far let down or stood up so I just dump the bastards.

The Menage

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The Most Amazing App To Use Before You Get Blurry-Eyed

The Most Amazing App To Use Before You Get Blurry-Eyed

I don’t usually do app reviews – mobile apps that is. But once I discovered this wine app, OMG, no more guessing about which wines to buy! No more judging wines by the way their sleek bottle looks because looks are very deceiving with wine bottles. Sometimes a bottle catches your eyes, you take it home, and before you’re drunk and tipsy, she reveals what’s under all that makeup! “NOOOOO! I’m not even drunk yet!”

Those days are pretty much over. No more regrets. No more waking up the next day and WHOA! Not with the Vivino wine scanner app that let’s you find out what’s really under all that makeup. You can even find out a little bit about her personalities too!

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You’ll never know, but one thing is for certain…

Welcome to my little wine cellar where I wine and rant about what I love to drink most – if you guessed wine, cheers!

I’ll write this blog about wine, inspired by wine. When you drink wine, you’ll never know what flavors you’ll get until you take that first sip. Much like how I’ll write this blog, you’ll never know what you’ll get. But one thing is for certain, this website will be about wine, and more than likely I am sipping on some of that grape juice while writing my posts… Wait that’s 2 things that you can be certain of. Well, you know that I’m sipping.

But please do come here often to this unique wine blog of mine from time to time…

I’ll see you soon. CHEERS!

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